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Measuring System

The project LimeJACK originated from research on novel transducers that directly exploit the properties of ferromagnetic materials. These novel sensors extend the field of active sound and vibration reduction by applications that are considered difficult to realize. An example of this would be fast rotating vibration and thus noisy objects, such as circular saw blades.

In order to achieve these research goals, simple application boards are required which can be configured quickly and easily by software. As application boards for adaptive filters, with the help of which active sound and vibration reduction can be achieved, a standard PC, whose sound card is addressed as a measurement card via JACK, proved to be the perfect system. The simplicity and efficiency of this concept can be extended with a few simple steps in such a way that automated measurements are possible without any problems. Professional DSPs, which are traditionally used for such purposes, can hardly achieve such a performance profile.

The low price of high-quality modern consumer technology makes it possible to realize sophisticated I&C tools with just a few steps. The project LimeJACK tries to capture, extend, systematize and further simplify these areas.

This idea resulted in a powerful and extremely stable and automated measuring system. Subprojects range from the education of pupils and students to automated literature searches using robots.

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