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Tulivu v3 - Simulation Tool on Activ Noise Control and Active Vibration Control using JACK

Tulivu Tulivu in its origin Swahili meaning is a synonym for peace and silence and is often used as an African forename.

We are pleased to inform you that tulivu v3 as alpha version is available.

Tulivu v3 marries JACK

The JACK Audio Connection Kit is perfect for measurements using sound cards. Tulivu v3 replaces the sound card and the real world behind this card.

Tulivu v3 simulates an acoustic duct. You should reconnect the outputs and inputs with Tulivu v3.


The connections shown with patchage. The real input and ouput on the sound card are unassigned. Tulivu v3 - Patchage

Then start the algorithm shown as Adap=1. Tulivu v3 - Algorithm

The result of Active Noise Control represents in meterbridge. The windows show the disturb signal, the error signal in adaption process and the coefficients of the FIR filter. The second the Tulivu v3 - Meterbridge

Source Code

Build with this.


  • Auto JACK Connection Command
  • More Complex Targets
    • include FIR instead hard coded duct
    • include frequency domain filter
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